Here are some of the luxuriest cars in the world

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is a luxury saloon car manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. It is the eighth and current generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the second launched by Rolls-Royce under BMW ownership. It is offered in two wheelbase lengths.The Phantom VIII's styling has been described as an evolution of the Phantom VII's. Like its predecessor, the Phantom VIII has a short front overhang and upright front end, a long bonnet and set-back passenger compartment as well as a long wheelbase and a flowing rear end.It also uses rear suicide doors, which Rolls-Royce label "coach doors". For the first time on a Phantom, Rolls-Royce's trademark "Parthenon" radiator grille is integrated into the surrounding bodywork.The Phantom is available in two wheelbase lengths. The Phantom Extended Wheelbase (EWB) is 220 millimetres (8.7 in) longer than the standard model.

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Bmw 7 series


BMW 7 Series BMW 750i (G12) – Frontansicht, 1. October 2016, Overview Manufacturer BMW Production 1977–present Body and chassis Class Full-size luxury car (F) Body style 4-door sedan Layout FR layout, F4 layout (xDrive models) Chronology Predecessor BMW New Six The BMW 7 Series is a full-size luxury sedan produced by the German automaker BMW since 1977. It is the successor to the BMW E3 "New Six" sedan and is currently in its sixth generation. The 7 Series is BMW's flagship car and is only available as a sedan (including long wheelbase and limousine models). It traditionally introduces technologies and exterior design themes before they trickle down to other models in BMW's lineup. The first generation 7 Series was powered by straight-6 petrol engines, and following generations have been powered by inline-4, straight-6, V8 and V12 engines with both natural aspiration and turbocharging.

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Bmw 5 series


The BMW 5 Series is an executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. It is the successor to the New Class Sedans and is currently in its seventh generation. Initially, the 5 Series was only available in a sedan body style. The wagon/estate body style (called "Touring") was added in 1991 and the 5-door fastback (called "Gran Turismo") was produced from 2009 to 2017. The first generation of 5 Series was powered by naturally aspirated inline-4 and straight-6 petrol engines. Following generations have been powered by inline-4, straight-6, V8 and V10 engines with both natural aspiration and turbocharging. Since 1982, diesel engines have been included in the 5 Series range. The 5 Series is BMW's second best-selling model after the 3 Series.On January 29, 2008, the 5 millionth 5 Series was manufactured, a 530d Saloon in Carbon Black Metallic. BMW's three-digit model naming convention began with the first 5 Series, thus the 5 Series was BMW's first model line to use "Series" in the name.

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And some of the super cars in the world

Like Ferrari,Lamborghini and Koenigsegg

Ferrari 458 Italia


The Ferrari 458 is a sports car of the Italian manufacturer Ferrari . The 458 is the successor of the Ferrari F430 and was presented to the public at the IAA in September 2009. His successor is the Ferrari 488 . According to information from the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, in 2012 a total of 458 Ferrari 458s were newly registered in Germany, including 252 vehicles by commercial owners.The gross list price for the market launch was 197,000 euros without extras. The options for colors, seats and interior design have been increased again compared to the F430. So now u. a. the body in olive green and the calipers in gold color available. This Ferrari is exclusively with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission 7DCL750 the manufacturer Getrag that also offered Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is fitted [3] . It can be switched in automatic mode or alternatively manually in the sports program.

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Lamborghini Veneno


The Lamborghini Veneno is a super sports car , which was presented on 5 March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show as a coupe . The occasion is the 50th anniversary of the Automobili Lamborghini brand .The model name comes - according to the old Lamborghini tradition - from a Spanish fighting bull named Veneno , who killed the torero José Sánchez Rodríguez in 1914 during a bullfight in the arena of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.The Veneno is based on the Aventador , whose twelve-cylinder engine is used with a power increase of 37 kW. Thus, the Veneno makes 552 kW (751 hp). Through the use of carbon fiber and lightweight components, the weight could be reduced by 125 kg to 1450 kg compared to the Aventador. As a result, the power to weight ratio is 1.93 kg / hp. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is given as 2.5 seconds and the maximum speed at 355 km / h.

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Koenigsegg Agera


The Koenigsegg Agera is a mid-engined sports car produced by Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg since March 2011. It is a successor to the Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR. The name comes from the Swedish verb 'agera' which means "to act" or in imperative form "(You) act!".It was named Hypercar of the Year in 2010 by Top Gear magazine. As of November 2017 the Agera RS model is the world's fastest production car, with a GPS-verified two-way average top speed of 277.9 mph (447 km/h) and a fastest straight-line speed of 284.55 mph (458 km/h).The Agera is powered by an in-house developed 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine which produces 940 PS (927 hp; 691 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 1,100 N⋅m (810 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,000 rpm. Total weight of the engine is only 197 kg (434 lb) thanks to a carbon fibre inlet manifold and the aluminium construction. The transmission is a specially developed 7-speed dual-clutch with paddle shifters. It is the first dual-clutch transmission to feature only one input shaft.

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